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Testimonial #1:

The ForeArms and spacers arrived today along with the complimentary clevises you promised; thanks. I wanted to let you know how utterly blown away my wife and I were when we saw your design and final product. These things are well worth the money and I'm proud to have 'em on my bike and will point folks in your direction. The name of your company is perfect; these aren't just parts, they're a work of functional rolling art.


Congrats! I now understand your diligence on the finish. The wait was well worth it.


 Sincerely Impressed,



Testimonial #2:

After spending countless hours on the internet searching for the right passenger peg, I finally found the one. I wanted something comfortable for my partner while not ruining the looks of my bike. These pegs far exceeded my expectations. The lines are sleek and because they are powder coated they blend perfectly with the frame of my DX. I added some black death grips, so the combination makes my bike look wicked. Pat responded to all of my questions and emails (there was alot) and once I ordered them, they were packaged professionally and delivered on time. Thanks Pat.



Testimonial #3:

I finally got the time to put them on today after the other parts arrived from the dealer. It was really easy. No problems what so ever. Thank you for taking the time to solve a problem with a nicely made solution.


My wife likes them also. She is tall so the extra leg room for her is a good thing.



Testimonial #4:

Received the ForeArms today. Was really easy to put together (like you said) and they really look great. This should make my girlfriend very happy.



Testimonial #5:

Kit arrived today. Very professionally packed and nicer than I expected. Kudos. Installation was very easy. Should do the trick. Happy to be a reference.


Many thanks.



Testimonial #6:

Received arms today. Fantastic fit and finish. My wife and I are very pleased.




Testimonial #7:

I am very pleased with the quality and fit/finish. My wife says best money I have spent so far.



Testimonial #8:

Wife loves them. Great workmanship.



Testimonial #9:

Just an up date.........the wife and I spent about 5 hours over two days, this past weekend, on the bike. She loves the forearms!!! She says it totally different to ride now. My hats off to you. (DX owner with VF-111XB Prototype)



Testimonial #10:

I just received my relocation forearms from Pat today. They ARE of HI QUALITY! Also, the transaction couldn't have gone any smoooother! He received my check and I received my forearms almost the same time. (VF-111XB Customer)



Testimonial #11:

I just purchased a left over '08 VRSCAW, and need a set of forearms, the VF-1110B models. Wanted to let you know that your product swayed my wife's input on this bike after seeing it online. We were set to buy a Glide, but you saved my day.



Testimonial #12:

The Forearms arrived yesterday and they look terrific. Can't wait to get the bike and get going on installation. Thanks for a great product and superb service. Keep me posted on the luggage rack.



Testimonial #13:

ForeArms are mounted and fit perfectly, great Job. Thanks! (Switzterland Customer)



Testimonial #14:

My wife is REALLY wanting to get a set of these. So I guess I have no choice! I am interested in the VF-1120B kit. Please send me payment info and how you like to recieve payment. We can do either check, credit card, or pay pal. What ever you like. Very nice product. If not for your pegs my wife never would have agreed to allow me to get this bike. Thanks



Testimonial #15:

The ForeArms have saved my marriage! I installed them over the weekend and they work perfectly. My wife absolutely loves them! She likes having both sets of pegs to make it easier to get off the bike.


Thank you for such fantastic customer service and for such a great product for V-Rods owners everywhere.



Testimonial #16:

Got everything swapped out, and got the kit finished in the parking lot at work. The wife was able to get on it this evening, and she loved it. Her feet don't get in my way at all. Easy install. Great product. High quality. Can't wait to go riding this weekend. (VF-111XB Customer)



Testimonial #17:

Thanks alot Pat. Great item, well designed and built, wife gives 2 thumbs up! You made the whole deal real easy!



ForeArms Testimonial #18:

Just wanted to let you know I put the ForeArms on my bike last night without the stock mounts and they worked out perfectly. They actually look like they came on the bike (or should have in the first place). I took my wife for a ride. She not only was able to mount and dismount with ease, but she was able to walk just fine after our ride. All I need to do now is get the seat gelled.



Testimonial #19:

Beautiful workmanship, my friend! I expect to install it just before the planned ride to Spring Fling and I think the other V-rodders there will be as impressed as I am. Thanks much!


(T-Rod Rack Customer)



Testimonial #20:

The VF-1110B Kit arrived on Wednesday just like you said it would. The packaging was professional and the ForeArms and hardware looked to be constructed of very high quality. Received the recommended clevises and pins Thursday. Installed the ForeArm kit and all and had a chance to try it out yesterday. WOW....what a difference! They work beautifully! When we first started off...I could actually hear my wife giggling with delight. She said "it was like night and day". She also said it gave her a much more natural seating position and that she didn't feel cramped at all. Said she was able to also sit back and use the backrest as it was meant to be used....where before she was leaning forward sort of like on a sport bike. She said she was completely comfortable during the whole ride. Much better for me too. We were out riding for about an hour and a half.....she didn't slide forward or bump my helmet once during breaking or stops. Many, many thanks for this product and your service! I appreciate the great communication also. This is beyond a doubt going to make owning our V-rod (VRSCAW) even better!



Testimonial #21:

VERY favorable reviews from the "better half" for both the ForeArms and PADadapter. No more crampy knees and nice to have something to lean back on. Also the taller backrest is great with luggage!


(ForeArms/PADaptor Customer)



Testimonial #22:

The installation was flawless and your installation instructions are impeccable. Thanks very much for being such a great engineer and businessman.


We took the bike to my high school reunion last weekend and thanks to your engineering efforts, the was much more comfortable for my wife. We rode a total of 833 miles last weekend and the trip down included none other than 100+ degree temperatures. You really made a difference in my wife's riding experience. :) Looking forward to the T-Rod Rack.

(ForeArms/PADaptor Customer)



Testimonial #23:

I received the ForeArms today, and I gotta say, these are great quality. I installed them as solo tonight, and we went for a test ride. My wife loves them. We’ve taken some long rides in the past, and these will make the journey much more enjoyable for her from now on.



Testimonial #24:

Just a quick note to let you know the adaptor is working out great!


Thanks again for coming up with these solution for the V-Rod!



Testimonial #25:

I received the kit today. Haven't had time to fit it up on the bike, but it looks beautiful.