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Q: What do the ForeArm Kits include?



1.  Right and Left ForeArms.

2.  2 - ForeArm Spacers constructed and finished like the arms.

3.  4 - longer, M10-1.5, stainless steel fasteners for mounting the arms.

4.  2 - 1/2"-20 hex head, zinc plated, fasteners for mounting the clevises.

5.  Unique instructions based on kit purchased.

6. The VF-111XB Kit additionally contains the Exhaust Bracket and Finishing Shim, which the pure VF-1110B and VF-1120B do not contain.   VF-111XB Kit re-uses the isolation bushing from the stock bracket, which must be pressed out of the stock bracket and into the VF-111XB Exhaust Bracket. 


The VF-111XB Kit = Exhaust Bracket plus Finishing Shim +  VF-1110B Kit.


7.  Professionally wrapped, bubble packed, and boxed for shipping.  


Clevises NOT included and must be purchased to mount pegs.  Clevis recommendations are made in the instruction sheet.



Q: Where can I purchase kits?



1.  Email Engineering Artisan

2.  Call Engineering Artisan 



Q: What is the total kit cost?



Total Sale Cost  =  Kit Price + Shipping + Handling + Sales Tax (if applicable) + Electronic Payment Fee (if applicable)



1.  Kit pricing does not reflect shipping and sales tax/duties, if applicable. 

2.  Be aware that duties or other international taxation may be applied by the destination country.



Q: What are acceptable payment methods?



1.  Personal Check, or

2.  PayPal, but a PayPal Transfer Fee will be added to the final price.  Transfer Fee varies based on country and kit cost.



Q: Where have we shipped ForeArm Kits?








United Kingdom

United States



Q: How do I install the kit?



Unique step-by-step instructions are included with each kit.  The instructions include photos, torques, recommended part numbers for clevises, thread locking compound, and helpful installation hints to assure success and a good look.



Q: What was considered when designing ForeArms?



1.  Passenger comfort, and assuring a sense of confidence under all conditions.


2.  Rider space under various scenarios.

3.  Proximity of passenger's feet to rider, and the hot exhaust.

4.  Appearance, and integration with the motorcycle. 

5.  ForeArms are "front and center" on a +$17,000 motorcycle, they must not detract.

6.  Selecting materials that are durable, do not add excessive weight to the motorcycle, and possess strength.

7.  Assure all functionality is achieved, and make sure we do not interfere with other motorcycle components' function or operation. 

8.  Modular Design - Select a design that fits as many motorcycle configurations, and exhaust options as possible.



Q: What ForeArm finish options are available?



1.  Black Powder Coat (B).