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Black Anodized:  $145.50  CLEARANCE SALE:  $105.50 (5 Remaining)



Chrome:  $175.00  CLEARANCE SALE:  $135.50 (1 Remaining)



All hardware is stainless steel - 6 fasteners, 6 hex nuts with nylon insert, and 3 backer plates for the 1/2 saddle clamps.  Half saddle clamps are resin/plastic.  The RackJacket is 6061 Aluminum, and the perimeter and cutout have double radii, which was not machined on the proto unit below.


Small production runs are extremely expensive, and, for this small volume, the listed price is almost cost.


The RackJacket dimensions are approximately 9.5" x 9.75", and fits Wide Tire VRod Frames 2007 to 2011.