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Engineering Artisan's V-Rod ForeArm Kit, Passenger Peg Relocation Arms for select H-D Models:

~ 2007 - 2010 VRSCAW

 ~ 2007 - Present VRSCDX,

 ~ 2007 VRSCX, and

 ~ 2009 - Present VRSCF (Reflector removed).



 1.  VRSCF saddle bag hardware mounts to the same location as ForeArms.  At this time, it is an either or proposition.

 2 . Clevises NOT included and must be purchased to mount pegs.  Clevis recommendations are made in the instruction sheet.

 3.  See "FrequentlyAskedQuestions" for more information and answers to common questions.



Figure 1  VF-1110B on a VRSCAW right side




ForeArm Benefits and Features:

1.  Improved passenger comfort, and leg ergonomics.

2.  Relocates passenger's pegs 11 inches forward.

3.  Keeps passenger's feet away from the hot exhaust.

4.  Maximizes rider's leg space while stopped.

5.  Rigid design, but light weight.

6.  "Factory Look", but custom made.

7.  Stealthy appearance.

8.  Maintains motorcycle integrity.

9.  Simple installation.


ForeArm Design and Fabrication:

 1. Water Jet Cut & CNC machined 3/4", 6061 Aluminum.

 2. Durable finish:

 Gloss, Black Powder Coat (B)

 3. Stainless-steel mounting fasteners.

 4. Designed, fabricated, and finished in the U.S.A.


ForeArm Comfort Comparison:



 Figure 2  Stock: Cramped = Pain = "Let me off!"  :(



Figure 3  ForeArms: Comfort = "Let's Ride!"  :) 





ForeArm Kits:


1.  VF-1110B:      $188.00 (Black)  SOLD OUT

Kit for use WITH stock passenger peg brackets, but not for a DX requiring muffler system support.

(4 - 70mm x 10mm Mounting Hardware)



***** VF-1110B Kit Hardware




2.  VF-1120B:      $193.00 (Black)  SOLD OUT

Kit for use WITHOUT stock passenger peg brackets.

(4 - 60mm x 10mm & 4 - 10mm Washers)



 ***** VF-1120B Kit Hardware



 3.  VF-111XB:      $345.00 (Black)  SOLD OUT

Kit for DXs requiring muffler system support. 

Kit re-uses isolation bushing from the stock bracket, which must be pressed out of the stock bracket and into the VF-111XB Exhaust Bracket.

(VF-111XB = VF-1110B Kit + Exhaust Bracket & Finishing Shim) 



 ***** VF-111XB Kit Hardware 






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