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Embedded Electronic Design Services

We offer both hardware/software design and development services, which includes PCB layout and BOM generation.  We focus on developing robust, cost effective, 8-bit, real-time, embedded microcontroller designs for your interesting applications.  The mindset is to evaluate the need/system variables, make tradeoffs between hardware versus software, and develop an excellent solution. The ultimate goal is to take your ideas mixed with our talent and creativity to do something great together.  


Engineering Artisan is a Microchip Partner. 


What we Know and How we Think

      Proactive design philosophy

      Fault tolerant design mindset

      Full cycle design

      Solid electronic fundamentals

      Real-Time embedded software development

      Mixed signal hardware designs - analog and digital

      Sensing technologies

      Printed circuit board (PCB) layout techniques

      Densely populated PCB design

      Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) design approach - both hardware and software

      Assembly / C programming languages 

      Manufacturability and ergonomics

      Working on teams and individually


Market Experience and Products Developed

 Industrial & Mobile Storage

      User Interface with RS485 communication to main controller

      Infrared Remote

      Presence Detection

      Industrial Controls

      Solid-State Overload

      Digital I/O

      Starter Interface Modules

      Contactor PWM Modules

 Light Construction Equipment

      Capacitive Low Oil Detection for a small engine powered by the engine's ignition coil

      Gyro Module to detect machine rotation powered by the small engine's ignition coil

      Engine Control Modules for starting gasoline and diesel engines on mobile equipment


      Modular LED Lighting Controller

      Motorcycle / Automotive Power Distribution Fuse Blocks (Solid-State & Electromechanical) 

      Smart Outlet Controller


      Patent 7475665 B2:  Capacitance-Based Fluid Level Sensor

      Patent 5427444: Bi-directional motion sensor for mobile storage systems

      Patent 5569910: Photo detector system for detecting obstacles in aisles between mobile shelving carriages

      Patent 6208100: Motor overload coil control

      Patent 6522094: Motor overload coil control and method of calculating operating temperature